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Sacramento Kings Match-Up Billboards Sacramento Kings Match-Up Billboards

Sacramento Kings 2012-13 Match-Up Digital Billboards


For the 2012-13 season the Sacramento Kings desired to create a series of billboards to promote featured home game match-ups. The billboards needed to be legible at various distances, compatible with digital billboard display criteria and convey the Sacramento Kings brand as well as game and ticket sales information. The home opener game billboard needed to be visually distinct but still maintain a similar look and feel to the other billboards in the series.


Digital billboard design parameters specify that visibility is best attained through white type on a dark background. With this in mind, all the key information was distilled to its simplest form and presented in white type above a black gradient over the background imagery. Wood texture was used as a unifying element and to create quick visual interest in the billboards. An oversized, but still identifiable, Sacramento Kings primary logo was used on each of the billboards for quick brand recognition.

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