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Decide Project Decide Project

Decide Project


The Decide Project was created as a campaign to address the issue of pregnancy prevention. The slogan of the campaign is “Decide before a choice needs to be made.” The purpose of this campaign is to give women all the information they need to make the proper decision regarding birth control and pregnancy prevention. This campaign transcends the controversy in the pro-life/pro-choice and empowers women to choose, before pregnancy occurs, when they will become a mother.


The brochure was designed to be a journey through the decision to use protection. The brochure opens to a lock with the beginning of a possible conception. The lock opens and the story of conception is split into two paths; one being protected sex and the other being un-protected sex, ending in pregnancy. Statistics regarding rate of pregnancy, marriage and poverty levels for women who have children at various ages are contrasted with statistics of women who do not have children.

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