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Help! My (Blank) is a Vegetarian Website Help! My (Blank) is a Vegetarian Website

Help! My (Blank) is a Vegetarian


The choice to become a vegetarian or vegan, for whatever the reasons may be, is a very personal one. Yet many vegetarians face insensitive questioning, mocking, ridicule and taunting when in the presence of those who don’t share their same lifestyle. Help my (Blank) is a Vegetarian is an interactive website that will take an information-based approach to opening awareness to the almost “bully” culture that has been cultivated in this country towards those who have chosen a plant based diet.


Although the name of the site is Help my (Blank) is a Vegetarian, the logo is coded to switch out various relationship titles to represent any person a visitor may know that is a vegetarian. The entire site is set upon a place setting with leaves of lettuce suppressed behind the plate to represent how many vegetarians feel about their diet. The entirety of the website is designed and coded to be interactive and visually stimulating.


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