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Save the Honeybee Foundation Save the Honeybee Foundation

Save the Honeybee Foundation


Save the Honeybee Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting honeybee health and advocating natural bee-keeping practices. A new branding system was needed so that this foundation would be visually distinct from similar organizations and present a higher level of professionalism. The new identity was to create a look that is clearly identified by the public as belonging to the foundation and to assist in spreading public awareness through various marketing efforts.


Save the Honeybee Foundation is dedicated to natural practices and the visual personality of the branding was created to mirror that goal. The visual presence was crafted to be soft and sophisticated, and to present a nature and honey inspired color scheme. The delicate nature of the bee was represented by using soft typefaces and delicate graphic elements. Golden honey tones were complimented with soft blues that represent the blue sky and give a sense of optimism.

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