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Ori Shea Moisture Ori Shea Moisture

Ori Shea Moisture


Ori Shea Moisture is a bath, body and toiletry line that prides itself on utilizing only the most natural ingredients. Each product focuses on the moisturizing benefits of Shea butter, complementing its benefits with other natural ingredients to create various lines of high end bath and body products.


The logo for Ori Shea Moisture was created by utilizing a modern typeface with the title over the ā€œIā€ removed. A simple drop, representing the moisturizing benefits of the products, was then placed above the wordmark. This moisture drop is then utilized throughout the packaging pieces as a graphic element, both on its own and in a repeating pattern. A brown and vibrant green color scheme was utilized to represent the origin of Shea butter: the Shea Tree also called known as Ori.

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