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Kings Pocket Schedule Kings Pocket Schedule

Sacramento Kings 2012-13 Pocket Schedule and Display


Each season the Sacramento Kings create a pocket schedule to be displayed at partner business locations. These collateral pieces allow the team to connect to the community, as well as make the game schedule and key promotions information available to fans in an easy to store, foldable schedule. In the previous years the schedule had a vertical orientation, but with the 2012-13 season the team desired a horizontal orientation which created a need for a complete reworking of the schedule and display.


Due to the fact that less of the cover of the schedule would be visible compared to previous versions, the cover art of the schedule was continued on the front facing side of the display box. This allowed all of the cover information and art to be visible regardless of how many schedules remained in the box. The box and schedules contain many of the design elements and type treatments indicative of the 2012-13 season including the Kings Shield, rendered metal elements and subtle purple gradients.

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